The Village Landing Mission

Never before has our country needed an infrastructure that would pull it together and unify the people of this country more than it does now. Never before have we had so many different subcultures tearing at the fabric of our country, all looking for an experience that will give them meaning and direction, that will give them hope and a future. The Village Landing USA campaign, will, without question, fulfill all of these.

This grass roots campaign is reclaiming joy and fulfillment and purpose reaching four generations!

No other campaign has ever come close to making such claims to say nothing of fulfilling it. Because Village Landing USA is a God ordained campaign, to re-establish the Greatness of God in America and the Goodness of the people, it will become the largest "Barn Raising" in the history of this country, with every man woman and child involved from coast to coast and even spilling overseas.

Why will building these Apprenticeship Villages and Heritage Centers revitalize and revolutionize America?

Because this Coast to Coast building campaign,

Answers the CALL…For a Vision of Restoring the American Dream.

Americans will realize that an apprenticeship village is just the innovation that is needed to draw our youth …away from the "entertainment-based recreation" that is crippling this culture;

To an energy producing work ethic-culture, committed to instilling the Biblical values that made our nation… the Greatest Nation in the World.

Village Landing USA is designing a campaign that could conceivably put an apprenticeship village in every county of the United States within seven years [after the campaign is launched] and totally revolutionize the way our youth spend their free time and form their values.

Americans realize we live a culture that is finding it increasingly difficult to be effective and operational, day in and day out.

In a culture where "children are leading children" and finding fewer and fewer role models reflecting family and a strong work ethic, we have a culture of depression and disillusionment in everything that is foundational. Proverbs 29:18 states, without a vision the people cast off restraint. The quality of life for all people suffers in a culture that is spiraling downward out of control.

The "traditional means " of imparting virtues that bring harmony in the home, in the work place and our country, are no longer working. They are being lost in consumerism, selfishness and greed.

America is sinking under debt ….to her Savior.

Can a paralyzed culture… SPRING FORTH WITH NEW GROWTH?

I know of no other endeavor that promises to bring people together to rebuild America like building these apprenticeship heritage villages that Village Landing USA is proposing. I know of no other endeavor that so engages this whole country at once and so infuses…. a consistent dependable mission to restore America to God.

Apprenticeship is fun …and as people come together, volunteering whatever skills they are good at, all America will all be saying..This is what I can do to help!

How Can the Building of these Apprenticeship villages aid the Security of our nation?

We have millions of immigrants who enjoy the freedoms in this country without the knowledge of where the" Foundational Goodness" came from that extended such a welcome mat to them. Without transferring the understanding of these Biblical foundations to these new Americans, they will never appreciate fully the jewel this country is and in time our own heritage will be lost.

A Wave of Goodness, this campaign will bring, will vitalize America, it will help protect her, as it will destabilize pockets of subcultures threatening the safety of this nation. Romans 12:20-21 Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.

Nothing short of a tidal wave of "Goodness" will heal the Heart of America and send the world a message that we truly are :

"One Nation Under God…Indivisible"