Our Founder: Shushanah Powell

(Shushanah) Susan Powell, is a 1971 graduate of the University Of Rochester School Of Nursing.

She is a Registered Nurse with her Bachelors' Degree in Nursing, and has experience in the area of Community Health, School Health Nursing, and University Student Health and was a Nursing Supervisor in two Geriatric Health Care Facilities.

Shushanah will be married 30 years in 2005 to a civil engineer, and is the mother of 3 grown sons, one in college, two married with children and one currently proudly serving his country as a Crew Chief on a Blackhawk in the armed forces, in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

In 1996, upon completion of a semester of Evangelism Explosion through Coral Ridge Ministries, Shushanah trained herself to be an accomplished figure skater with permission from the rink owners, began successful ministry to children at her local skating rink.

In 1999 she became a Registered Artistic Figure Skating Coach with USAR and in July of 1999 founded and coached LEAD Precision Skate Team, a group of 15-18 year mostly boys, one of them her son. They performed doing precision skating and gymnastic feats and flips on roller blades in 4 parades and in their last parade took a second place ribbon in Holly Hill, the areas largest parade before she put the team on sabbatical to begin the process of founding Village Landing USA.

From 1999 -2002 She worked as a Certified Lifeguard at the Ormond Beach YMCA and became a Certified Water Aerobics Instructor in 2000.

Feb 28, 2000 Shushanah founded Village Landing Inc., and enrolled in Daytona Beach Community College to begin work toward a degree in business.

October of 2003 it became clear that Village Landing had the potential and backing to benefit the entire country. At that point the board amended their articles of incorporation and changed the name to Village Landing USA Inc. in preparation for the largest national grassroots campaign ever to be launched anywhere in the world.

Shushanah was raised as a Methodist in her youth, and experienced a born again experience in July of 1970 that dramatically shaped the course and purpose of her life. In 1988 she arranged the first pastor's prayer gathering in her area. She is currently a member of Tomoka Christian Church, a non- denominational fellowship that is heavily into Missions Outreach across this Globe, and has received broad encouragement from area pastors and civic leaders. Village Landing USA is not connected with any one church but serves as a means and a ministry to bring together the churched and unchurched across this nation to strengthen and build their communities, and communities overseas less fortunate than us.

Shushanah has been teaching children in a variety of venues for the past 35 years, teaching Sunday school, a stint as Sunday School Superintendent and home schooling her own children for 8 years.

Today she is the President of Village Landing USA, Coach of LEAD TEAM 2004 and a grandmother of 3!

Shushanah, as a mother, invites you to prayer fully consider the following:

Village Landing USA

We are asking you, to prayerfully consider what you can do to
Help us as we begin this venture:
Of Building America's First Apprenticeship Village