At a time when chaos and darkness reins in every newspaper in the country something new and beautiful almost revolutionary seems to be developing.

Some newspapers are calling a monumental social experiment, and some a breath of fresh air; but what ever they are calling it, it is spreading like wildfire across the country and even overseas bringing hope to a disillusioned damaged culture.

Whole communities have united together and in a record 52 days have raised the funds to build these hands on training villages for the young people called

Village Landing U.S.A. Heritage Villages.

The press is calling it almost magical, the speed at which these things are springing up. No one has ever seen anything like this before. There doesn’t even seem to be any opposition to them, just an out pouring of labor that seems to be a commonly understood as ..... a Labor of Love.

Seem Impossible? Maybe not!

Our Vision: a newspaper article
in the not so distant future